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Just a little note from a cruiser from Washington state. July 2001 we had our whole family on the Norwegian Sky to Alaska. The whole group totaled 18 people and as for the cruise I [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]can't complain too much. My complaint is with a little sham I believe has probably happened more than once or twice.
I gamble a little and play blackjack, and the cruise line just happened to have a blackjack tournament. So I entered the tournament and actually won a so called free cruise.
Now the cruise line hypes this up as a huge winner on their cruise line, but try to collect, that's a whole other issue. My wife contacted the cruise line at least four different times within the first six months, well of course they only offer these cruises to collect on certain dates and they only allow so many of these free cruisers to be on ships it began to be a real pain to try to find a cruise that we could go on. Then of course they tell you to contact a certain person only to deal with, well after the fifth we dealt with was no longer there we figured we might as well give up.
Now I'm not one to gripe about to many things, but this kind of bothered me. I gaurantee you that cruise ship probably made 3,000 to 4,000 dollars off of the entry fees to the blackjack tournament and each one of those people that entered thought they would win a luxurios 7 day cruise if they won.
Just doesn't seem right to me!!!!!

Oh by the way, 14 months after I won my free cruise, I thought I'd give them one last chance. Called customer service told them what had happened, they said I would get a call back.

Well I did, they said I was over the 1 year expiration date.

What a joke,

Thanks for nothing NCL

Adam D. Borseth
free cruise loser