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Wow,thank you all for all your responses. I called the medical cordinator for princess cruiselines and she said I am able to request a shower chair to go in the shower or tub and am able to get a raised toilet seat and wedges for use in the bed since I am in a hospital bed at home, I just have to send in my request about 6 months prior to sailing and they will take care of things but I think my dr. has to fill out some information as well and that's fine. I need to call the cruiselines to check wether the scooter can go in the cabin if not we will also have a collapsable regular wheelchair that we will be taking with but thank you for raising the question as to wether the scooter can get in the room or not, thank goodness I can walk some in the cabin with my cane and get on the balcony with the cane as long as it is not more than a 1 step on to it. I have this cruise on a courtesy hold and have to make partial payment by june 8th so I thought if I can do investigating and find out information from you all to make sure I am asking and doing everything I need to be doing so I so appreciate all of your help and suggestions. Dave, Lol, no it didn't take long cause I was fixed on going to Hawaii granted I did want a 2 bedroom so my snoring mother wouldn't keep me awake, lol, but this suite will be fine with some good earplugs . Rick, thank you very much for providing the information about that area of the ship. Neil, thank you so much for checking out the handi-cap accessible areas but the rooms are just not what I wanted since I need a large room to at least be able to use the manual wheelchair when I am to tired to walk with my cane or to weak after a busy day. I am in a electric wheelchair 99.9% of my day at home so if it is able to be in the room I will have it in there otherwise they will have to get it to me when I need it is all. My cruise is booked for Jan. 2010 but I possibly will take a shorter cruise somewhere prior to that cruise. Rick, do they have much lobster or shrimp for meals? Or is there a specialty resteraunt where I can order this? I love both these and being this is my vacation to spoil myself rotten, lol, I thought it would be great to eat my favorites . I am sure I have many more questions coming your way. Thanks, Shana