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What does your TA say about this? After all, she was the one first informed of the change of ship. Frankly, she should have followed through in late November rather than wait for you to stop by in early January.

Our ship was also switched for our upcoming cruise. We booked Celebrity Millennium a year ago, and several months ago Celebrity reassigned Infinity to Millennium's itinerary, and vice versa. I received an updated confirmation from my TA shortly thereafter.

Now, I admit that my situation was easier as it involved sister ships and passengers were simply switched from one to another, keeping the same staterooms. But, while I realize that saying "coulda, shoulda, woulda" now does nothing for your situation, I still wonder where the TA was when all this was going on.

Can you still salvage your Hawai'i vacation by keeping the air booking and making it a land vacation instead of a cruise?
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