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Originally posted by Cruise Fanatic:
The way people stab Travel agents in the back to save $5 and bounce around from website to website to save $5, tells me many wouldn't like the cruise rate raised to include the cost of soda.
But aren't those the same people who complain to no end about having to buy soda? They want it both ways.

I know what you mean about seeing someone pile half a pan of bacon on their plate with no intention of eating it all. I stood in line behind a woman at the hotel buffet one cruise morning in Port Canaveral. She apparently was really into the Atkins diet and had a plate piled high with scrambled eggs (easily 6 servings) and then she proceeded to the omelet line and held it up for several minutes while she ordered three omelets and tied up all the pans. And then she ate about a quarter of it all.

But soda waste could be controlled if they at least made it complimentary in the dining rooms or other areas where it was served to them by a staffer. Same thing as the water or iced tea.