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Originally posted by Solo1959:

How do I go about getting a Personal Vacation Planner? I booked by telephone directly with Carnival. The agent was very helpful. I made the reservation and that was that. I called a few weeks later to make a change, someone else helped me with that, again, very helpful, no hassle, couldn't have been more cooperative.

Are these people Personal Vacation Planners or is a Personal Vacation Planner something more than that?
Yes, the person who helped you when you called in is a PVP. They should have provided you with their extension number. When you call into the CCL reservation line you have the option to dial an extension to get back to that same person. I'm not sure if you need to tell them you want a PVP, but maybe since we have been using the same one for so long I have just forgotten how we got assigned to him. Once you use a planner, they normally keep in pretty good contact with you if you give them an email address. If not, call back in an get a new planner.

If you have a PVP be careful when you call and get one of the people "from the pool" as they will tell you that they can help you and will basically being "stealing" your PVP's commision if they book a cruise for you. I had one that assured me that my PVP would get credit when he helped me move a dinner seating time on my reservation. I later called my PVP back and told him that Ihad it moved and when he checked, the other planner had "moved" our entire account over to him. There must have been some fist'o'cuffs flying that day. We were promptly given back to Marc, my planner, who is very good also. And since the rest of you have given names, his is Marc.
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