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Originally posted by TrvlPro:
I'm really happy to hear you have a good agent. There are many in the industry. Just like anything else, there are good ones and bad ones.
the problem is Neil, that if you do not have alot of experience of travel do you get to know who is good & who is bad.
Now I am from the uk and have just started this year to use an american agent,who I used for my princess cruise in may but to tell you the truth ,I really don't know if he was good or just ok...I got a decent price for the cruise but I never got onboard credit like some forum members have but then I never knew that some people could get that extra.
So my question is that if you don't know anyone can you tell if your agent is good or bad.
About wanting to know how many cabins are left...its funny its the sort of thing I would want to know even after booking and the gives you an idea of how full the cruise is.
regards Jack