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And while most of the world is dropping the tobacco habit, half the passengers on this cruise chain smoke.
Wow, that IS a reduction from past years!

I'm really sorry to hear about the bad time you had on your cruise. Having a noisy cabin and encountering long lines is indeed very frustrating. Did you try to get moved to a different cabin, with the help of the Housekeeping Manager?

Since you worked with a travel agent, I'm surprised you weren't prepared for announcements in several languages, lots of smokers, and some of the other aspects of the cruise. These things are typical of Europe-based cruise lines, of which Costa is one.

In fact, Costa is a very reputable company. I've had two very enjoyable cruises on Costa, as have many other people on this discussion board. Like with any cruise line, knowing what to expect goes a long way in having your experience match your expectations. No one cruise line is right or wrong for every person.