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Hello avenger ...I have not heard of but thats hardly suprising as I am from the UK but as it is a slow sunday afternoon I thought I'd look them up under's what I found.
using reviews this is what they said....sorry but as only a basic computer user I don't know how to provide a link
for product meets expectations & ontime delivery ...they were outstanding.For customer support & product meets expectations.....they were good.Past week they got 87% positive & 13% neutral....past month 98% positive , 2% neutral...past 3 months...only 2% negative....this is from 5000 customers.
Looks good doesn't it ?
Then I looked at online-travel-sites reviews where they didn't seem to do quite as well....they stand in 8th place behind expedia,travelocity,orbitz,priceline,airgorilla (I've never heard of this one either)....but above Kayak, Hotwire etc..
and you know what...the advice by Dave Beers seems pretty good to me now I'll just continue catching ants as they come through the patio doors.....683 today so far ..regards jack