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I agree with can't go wrong with either! I was on the Empress to Bermuda in May and LOVED it. I am used to the larger ships, and was very afraid of trying this ship, however I was pleasently surprised. The ship is Beautiful. Be aware however, that the cabins are on the small side if you or your husband tend to be clostrophobic (spelling?). I am also partial to Bermuda, since my husband and I lived there for the first 3 years of our marriage, so the more time that the ship spends there the better. There is so much to see in Bermuda that it would be hard to fit it into 1 day!

Maybe you could take the Empress for your 25th, then you'll both be hooked on cruising and you can make your way "up" to the bigger ships!

Either way-have a great time! (I'm jealous!)


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