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I am a relatively new member to this forum But not new to Carnival.
Now i had traveled in fascination [in 2000 i think] And Back then had become friends with one of the crew members ,But sadly after the end of that journey we had no correspondence.A few months back[March,i Guess]we bumped into each other He told me he would be now be associated with Sensation and he gave me all his contact details,crew id number,E-mail id ...

His birthday falls on September the 1st so i decided to surprise him by sending an ipod shuffle.On August 20th i sent him an ipod shuffle to the below address.[i sent it from Pittsburgh]

His name,
Crew id no,
M/s Sensation,
PO box - 025589
Florida 33102-5589.

I was hoping he would receive the gift on or before his birthday[September the 1st].I wished him on the 1st via E-mail and he replied back but made no mention about the ipod and since then we have had another conversation in which again he did not mention about receiving any gift from me!!!!.

Now i am beginning to get a bit worried,is it normal for shipping to take this long??!!!Should i just wait,or have i sent it to the wrong address??!!$80 wasted uh??!!
Any advise would be greatly helpful