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I never spend my coins. If something cost $4.01 I take the 99 cents back and put in away. We put his change into a special saving that is for vacation/cruise. It does not sound like much but it really adds up. Our Bank as a Keep the change program that does the same thing with my debit purchases. Anytime I make a debit transaction, the change is put into my savings for me. We also put any rebate checks that we get into this fun. This year we had some nice ones, $150 on a printer, $100.00 on two cell phones. $3.00 here, a $1.00 there. It adds up. Our last cruise was last October, way too long to wait! I was just rolling the next batch of coins to take to the bank. In about a years time we have put $1234.52 back for our next cruise. Small change adds up pretty fast.

Since we usually pay a little every month, our October cruise is already paid for, this money will be a deposit for the next one!!

Want to save some real money try this. Put a penny in the bank on day one. On day two double the amount and put 2 cents in. Day three double it again and put 4 cents in. Keep doubling the amount every day for a month. Send me the check for the last day.. you can keep the rest!!! Go a head a figure it out, it might surprise you!!
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