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Just got back from western Carib trip. First time cruiser so I have nothing to compare this too. Learned alot about what to bring,what to do,where to go etc. Overall ... had a great time! The Magica is a fantastic ship of course,very modern,very clean and the staff was top notch. Maybe some small things like more monitors around the ship with sailing info/news/weather/ships position and a sports bar would be nice too I know it's a traditional Italian cruiser but even they love their football[soccer] as we love our base/basket/footabll games and lets not forget Hockey Nite in Canada! eh!If they want to sell to the North American market they could be doing a better job. 1600 plus Canadians onboard and no Labbatts or Molsons to be found also no CDN smokes either ?The food in the main dinning room was good to very good but not fantasic, the buffet was actually quite good and as we travelled with two early teenagers it satisfied all our needs most of the time. The best part of the ship must be deck 9 aft bar/pool area. Paulo "The Omelette Guy" is a must do he makes the most beautiful omelette you'll ever have and of couse the " Da Boyz at da bar" were fantastic a special Muchos Gracias ! to Julio,Bernard the two Carlos's,Oscar who made you feel right at home were always willing to help you with any silly little new gringofirsttimecruiser problem you might have. A river drity ! chow for now!