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The highest temperature recorded in Alaska is 100, Fahrenheit.
The lowest temperature in Alaska, -80, was recorded on January 23, 1971.
The longest days come around the summer solstice, June 21.

In the southernmost Inside Passage, around Ketchikan, the sun is above the horizon for about 18 hours then. In southcentral Alaska, Anchorage gets 19.5 hours of sunlight. Fairbanks in the Interior, gets 21 hours, and Barrow, at the northern edge of the state, has 24 hours of daylight.

The clearest weather statewide comes in spring and early summer.
June and July are also the warmest months, but it can snow any month of the year in the high country. August tends to be cool and wet, but with fewer mosquitoes. Drizzling rains are common later in the summer and in general, rainfall increases in August and September, especially along the coast.

I went the last 2 weeks of Aug and was told we might have some bad weather and rain, well we never had one day of rain and it was short sleeved shirts every day so go and have a great time with your new wife.