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My family (wife, daughter (age 14), niece (age 12), mother, and I cruised on the Inspiration towards the end of May. The kids had a great time, the twisty slide totally rock (no matter how old you are...).

I enrolled the girls into Camp carnival for their respective age groups, but they only did a few of the activities. I usually found them in the pool, at the Lido buffet eating ice cream, and more than once caught them terroizing boys in their age group. Girls, gotta love them.

I think my mom would have had a better time if a few girlfriends from work were to have tagged along, she needed someone in her age group to pal around with. But she still had a decent time. Maybe next trip...

This was our second time on the Inspiration, first time was pre-renovation. Both trips were fantastic. Our oceanview rooms did have two robes for each room. But I don't remember a hair dryer. The wife usually packs one along anyway.

Phillipe (Flipper) is a very energetic cruise director, he was the assistant on our first Inspiration outing, and I knew then that he was on his way up the ladder. Really a great guy.

So, the kids had a good time, I'm 40 and I had a great time (booking cruise #8 soon). My mom has an undisclosed age and she did pretty OK. So with all age groups satisfied, you should have a wonderfull time on Inspiration.

And as you will hear Flipper say "Chiao for now... Whoo-Hoo"!

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