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Ours was set up with the two regular twins (extrememly comfy beds) and then there were two murphy bunk beds that the steward put up every morning and put down every night for us to maximize space. The they brought a mattress in and set it in the little bit of free space we had left right on the floor..which was perfect for us b/c at home our 5 yr old still has a rail so we didn't have to worry about her rolling off the bed. I won't mislead you. it was cramped... we had enough room to walk into the area where the dresser was and into the bathroom..but we could go no further into the room..but I really didn't care we were there for 3 days and didn't spend any time in there.. I was an early early riser so I got ready each morning at 5:45 and went upstairs and then I would come down every hour or hour and 1/2 and as the kids got up (the boys readied themselves) and I got the little one ready. I had put all of their clothes in ziplock bags prior to the trip including underwear and I could actually lay their clothes out rapidly and they didn't have to think about it at all.

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