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We just returned from 10-day Alaska sailing out of San Francisco, July 16-26. There were many drills for the crew, such as simulated fire and man overboard drills. However, on an at-sea day - July 23- there were several urgent sounding announcements which were not prefaced as drills. Wording was similar to "assessment team report to deck 4 immediately". Then, additional announcement stating "assessment team should cut through crew laundry on deck 4". One to two minutes later, "assessment team stand-down" was announced.
On July 24, the following day in Victoria Canada, an ambulance was at the dock before the time passengers could go into port.
Given the nature of the announcements and the ambulance, along with the fact that the medical center is located on deck 4, I'm wondering whether this all had to do with a medical emergency or death. A friend sailing with us was surmising that a medical team may have been paged to an emergency and then been cancelled due to death of patient. Does anybody have any idea what might have been going on or where I might find any news report or info. about it?

Thanks much.