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Heard that Godfrey Tours are very good. I agree with Penny as usual regarding Trunk Bay, a Heaven on Earth!! Gorgeous beach and stunning Caribbean scenery! I recently returned to St. John for a week and got to spend a lot of time here. There's a marked snorkel trail there. For better snorkeling, (for experienced swimmers and people in good physical health), swim all around the small rocky islet near the snorkel trail along the rocks. Much better snorkeling if you go to the furtherest side of the small rocky island there. Also another favorite excursion of ours there is the Five Star Champagne Catarmaran Sail & Snorkel to St. John. Usually a ship sponsored excursion through Atlantis offered on many different cruise lines at St. Thomas. Absolutely wonderful snorkeling (done this twice) on Honeymoon Beach just down the beach from the famous Rockerfeller's Caneel Bay Resort. Gorgeous beach there, snorkeling close enough so you can swim up to the deserted beach and rest between snorkeling. They have the best crew on this cat, a captain with a thick Boston accent and very attentive staff both times. They serve a local drink called the Painkiller. Don't have more than two unless you don't mind staggering back to the ship afterward!