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Thank you very much for all your info. I am hoping we will be spoiled for a week cruising Alaska.

Originally posted by SSUS_NJ:
Hi Elise:

Congratulations on booking a HAL suite. They are really something special. The "extras" are well documented on the HAL website at the following URL:

The "luxury level" really does depend on whether you're in a "Verandah"/"Superior Verandah" level suite or in the "Deluxe/Penthouse" level suite. The extras really multiply in the "Deluxe" or "Penthouse" level.

The biggest perk of those upper level suites is the use of the Neptune Lounge and concierge service. The lounge is a wonderful, quiet place to "get away from the crowd" and is stocked with food and drink all day long. The concierges know your name from the moment you come aboard, and are amazingly wonderful people who seem to want/are able to accommodate virtually any special request. They get to know your favorite treats/hors d'ouevres/drinks, and make sure that they get delivered to your room every day or at least have them available to you in the Neptune when you pass through.

We also enjoyed several receptions, exclusively for suite passengers. Cocktails with the captain, receptions in the lounge. Because it was a longer (12-night) cruise, we also had a "suite-only" dinner in the specialty restaurant, hosted by the Captain.

Embarkation and Debarkation were both "priority" for suite passengers as well, though I'm not sure if they still do that.

My wife and I had a "Deluxe Verandah Suite" on the Rotterdam in April 2002, and were TOTALLY spoiled by the constant pampering. We've been on several cruises since, and nothing quite matches up. We're thrilled that we'll be in another "Deluxe Verandah Suite" on the Westerdam in the fall, this time with our two children!!

All I can say is enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!