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Originally posted by Sandy:
RichC, thanks for your review of your Grand Princess cruise. Your points were very helpful in evaluating the ship.

One of my pet peeves is the air conditioning set to accommodate a room full of 600 people when just 300 are typically there. I hate being cold, especially in the Caribbean!

Did you do any shore excursions you'd recommend?
No recommendations form us. We've been to all the islands numerous times & just do our own thing & let the crowd go their own way.
If you go to San Juan & visit the forts (and are over age 62) you eligible to buy the senior pass which will get you in for free.

Also we docked at Havensight in St Thomas for the first time in many years which was a nice change from Crown Bay although it's a much longer walk to the beach from there.
In Trinidad we didn't take a tour which was a big mistake since in the downtown area there isn't much to see or do & not quite safe if you take a wrong turn. We were told by one of the locals in the Cathedral not to walk in a specific location for fear of being mugged. It's even worse that Jamaica if you can believe that.

The AC problem was also prevalent in the Vista lounge when it was used only to show movies. They had one setting - COLD although it wasn't nearly as bad as the DR.