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I was unsure whether or not to post this as it almost seems unbelievable but then I thought its a serious subject and even it seems as if it couldn't be true it could at least be discussed on here.
I was on a forum unrelated to cruises ( a flyers forum ) and someone had posted ( in october ) that they had spoken to a senior member of management and had been told that 20% of the gratuities that are collected are taken by the ship as a handling charge.
I don't want to mention the ship or cruiseline concerned except to say it is one of the main cruiselines.
At first I thought it was probably untrue but got to thinking that nobody really seems to know exactly who distributes the tips and how would we know if a cruiseline does have a handling charge before the crew get their share of the tips.Also banks have an administrative charge as do several other corperations so why shouldn't a cruiseline ?
I know cruise lines are trying to maximise profits but if this information is true then 20% seems to be a huge chunk to deduct.

So what do you think possible fact or fantasy ?