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50% of my review was omitted due to formatting problems so it came across incorrectly regarding the wine consumption. We did not sit at a table for ten. We sat at a different table every night with many different people (open dining)(22 x average of 6 per table = a lot of people) Of that large number of people we shared with about 1 in 10 bought wine, hence my point. Open dining was excellent and easy provided you don't insist on a table for 2. Clearly there is a difference in opinion transatlantic on tipping. The cabin pair received a substantial tip each for their daily attention. I repeat, pay the crew a proper wage. Cunard and P&O front offices provide envelopes for those who prefer to tip individually and not a blanket $xx per day per person. Only H&A make it difficult to do this. The pain, Janfred, is caused by their employers creaming large profits from the lucrative cruise trade and paying mostly Indian and Asian hard working crew a very low wage. That is the problem.