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If you have a non-stop flight, what happened to us probably wouldn't affect you. But on one of our cruises, my suitcase got lost when we switched flights. Luckily we had flown down a day before the cruise and the suitcase had time to catch up with us. The lesson I learned from that, besides arriving a day early, is to split our belongings between suitcases. Each suitcase will have a couple pair of shoes, underwear for both of us, etc.

We always purchase travel insurance and we actually had to use it once. It was definitely worth the price!

As far as your flight plans are concerned, if they are non-refundable and you can't change them, then don't worry about it. Assume all will go well, as I'm sure it will. Next time, plan to fly a day ahead and you will have more time to enjoy the port city!