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RCCL has been all over the board lately. They have sailings that one day are $499. pp and the next day the same Cat is $899. Then later the same day I'll go back into the same sailing and they've re-opened the promo for the $499. rate. It's almost like they're putting out a handful of cabins for a promotion and then when they're gone they pull the promo and it starts all over again the next day with a handful more cabins. I don't know what's going on with their inventory control but it's not managed the same way it has been in the past. I called someone there that's usually in the know and she said she was not aware it was happening. She hasn't called me back with an explanation so either they're keeping it close to the vest or something in the system is not working properly.

One thing I'll tell you for sure. When you see these abnormally low rates pop up, call immediately and book a cabin. They may be gone in an hour. The sites that get live pricing feeds are all screwed up. I get calls all day on things that are gone and have things available that weren't there when the feed came through the night before. Hopefully they'll get it fixed or if it's not broken, go back to a system that makes sense.

Cheers, Neil