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Originally posted by Javert:
We are going on a Celebrity Cruise in September that stops in Cornwall (Falmouth). Would like to hear from anyone who has been there. What to see or do?
Hello from italy, I been there acouple of times with german cruise liners.I was working on bord since 1999. Talking about South England-Cornwall(falmouth)different Companys different Excursions.I went on a little Excursion with Horses to see the little lakes and the great nature around this Town.The Weather can be sunny with 25 and down to 10 and reanning and strong wind.Most of the time we had bad Weather ...rain,rain,rain.Some passenger went to Loch Ness to see Nessie!!!If you like are on the Right places.Full of Whiskey,Cookies,Casels etc.and very expensive.Have a Great Day.Ciao from Italy