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Originally posted by Henia:
Originally posted by gdjoslin:
What are you wanting? Most places will not pay for meals, you had to eat anyway. That might not be correct but it is the way of things.
I would not be happy either, wasted vacations days and all but I do not think you have a free cruise coming.

For an experienced cruiser, your knowledge of what cruise lines will do to satisfy loyal customers is somewhat naive.

I have had the pleasure of being on over 80 cruises and have been fortunate enough to see much of the world. I give seminars on board ships, and have been on the very best and probably what I would consider the worst (Marco Polo).

Regent (the former Radisson), had the same issues and gave their passengers another cruise free of charge. This also was the case with Celebrity.

As an experienced cruiser, I am sure that you are aware that cruise lines are highly insured. Also, each case should be viewed separately, and treated accordingly.

Case in point...should people who were in the majority on the Sea Princess who came to the port by car or bus be given the same treatment as those who flew for long periods from North America.

Also, re the "eating" issue. If the Princess Rep said to eat and that Princess would reimburse the cost, why then would Princess reneg??? It is not really the amount of money, but rather the principle involved.

Think about it...

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