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Originally posted by Chef Ken:

I understand their thinking however, the soda costs them less than 2 cents per finished ounce. The espresso is about the same. So their profitability is very high on this sugar water that people seem to need so much.
To me, sodas are just mixers.

As we all know, not everyone buys the drink card, and not everyone drinks soda. So if they summarily increase cruise prices to cover this, they will stand to gain. It would make their profits less obvious and in the end make them look more "magnanimous" my making it

Okay, so it costs them about 24 cents per 12 ounce serving, and let's say every person drank the equivalent of a case of sodas in a 7-day cruise. That is $5.76 per person in costs. Heck, it wouldn't take much of a fare increase to cover that and still turn a good profit. And of course most people won't drink that much in a week.