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Interesting plan. I cannot comment on the particular airlines, but I do have some advice on flying on the European budget lines. Beware that Europe has even more problems than the USA with crowded skies and flights can often have major delays due to air traffic problems. If you are flying to BCN on the day of the cruise you certainly want to take a very early flight. Your 9:50 flight should be OK, but something earlier would even be a better bet. Also have a backup plan in case you would miss the ship...hopefully you can get to the next port. We are in a similar situation in early December when we are flying from Dublin to BCN to catch a cruise. We decided to take an early morning flight which gives us about a 6 hour safety window in BCN. But, we also know that we can catch the ship the following day at Alicante (only a few hour train ride) so we are not too concerned with the risk. If our ship would have a few days at sea, than we would have flown to BCN a day early. Another warning is that most of the discount Euro airlines have tough luggage rules with extra charges. Be careful to check the airlines' own websites for their latest rules and do not expect any mercy if you exceed their limitations (it can get expensive).