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Hi MayanDreamer,
Welcome to cruise-chat. While I usually select a cruise by the maximum number of days I can afford, in the case of a Splendour oceanview vs. a balcony on the Brilliance - I would definitely choose the Brilliance. Although the Splendour is a nice ship, it does not compare to the beauty of the Brilliance. The Radiance Class ships (which the Brilliance is) are my favorite mainstream cruise ships for their design, amenities and sheer elegance. RC blended the best of the Vision Class and the best of the Voyager Class to create this spelndid class of vessel. Besides, I do love a balcony! (Not that I have a opinion or anything ).

As for ports: Nassau is okay, but it would not draw me to the Splendour. Unfortunately, I have never been to Tenerife or Lisbon, so I do not know if those ports should be considered as important aspects of the decision. Perhaps someone who has been to both can share their thoughts (I certainly shared mine about the ships.)


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