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Dear LHP

I have nothing to gain by what i have said and therefore to not wish to enter into a mud slinging contest with you. i am purely voicing my opinion from my experiences whilst working for cvc and dealing with members every single day for a period of just over one year.

I find your statistics very questionable based entirely on my past personal experience in dealing with happy and unhappy members for an entire year.I think that we can both agree on the fact that the main problems here are that sales people have lied to passengers on various cruise ships about the membership benefits. All i am saying is that they did this on their own accord and were never ever told or trained to do so.

As for you statement "conning people with 5 or 6 vacations". All i am saying is get the most out of your membership. Take your cruises, ask about any cruise specials that are available or best times of the year to go and about how to get the most out of the amount of points that you have left.

As for the vacation certificates , enquire about available dates and destinations. Try and make yourself available for these dates and destinations. By doing this you will then get the value out of your membership. I know that the Florida area had an abundance of availability. I also agree that some destinations were just impossible to get into. Be flexable in your choices so that you do not lose out on what you have already paid for.

You still seem to be confusing this membership with a cruise package......(as you state that you could have got a cruise cheaper off the internet).This is not a cruise package and will not give you the cheapest cruise prices out there. It does however have a best price guarrantee when matched dollar for dollar against any Carnival cruise prices. It is an entire vacation package. Compare the total amount of vacations you can get out of it compared to the total amount of money you would have spent as a non member without the $299 accommodation benefit for the equivalent amount of vacations.

PLEASE do not think for one moment that i am trying to sell you anything or even trying to change your opinions. I can promise you that all i am doing is hopefully shedding some light where there might have been a bit of confusion. I am not the enemy here and am only trying to help where i can (if that is possible). I am very sorry for those of you that were lied to and do not condone it in any way.I am not taking sides here and do not wish to.

You mention paying $1050 for priviledges. This is true. But you failed to see what else the $1050 covered.There are a lot of expenses required to support a program like this. What about the call center to book your vacations, what about the call center staff that need to be paid, what about all the staff on the ships that need to be paid for looking after the members, what about the telephone lines,what about the cost of the equipment to run this program,what about the rent for the offices required to run this program, what about the marketing advertising and packaging of the product,what about the members parties (free drinks), what about the cost of liasing between the ships and the shore (courier services etc.) what about the back up and support technology, what about the costs incurred for putting the product together, these are only a few forgotten expenses. There are a lot more. Now if you look at it that way then the $1050 you mention does not seem too much does it.Considering your membership could have been a three to five year membership. This equates to just over $300 (or $200+ for 5 years) per annum for all those services. I think that is very reasonable.....dont you.

Use your membership and get your monies worth that is my advice, or waste a lot of time, money and energy trying to fight to get your money back. The choice is yours.

Sean Houzet