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Here is my review of the Spirit:

Not really what you asked, but hope it helps. You might be able to adjust the mandatory gratuity, but I think it might be bad karma overall. On my last cruise (CCL) there was a line of people wanting to get the mandatory tips off of their bill the night before we docked. I just stood there and thought: you are arguing with 3 bucks a day for the cabin steward? I asked for some envelopes to tip a few people with- tip EXTRA. FWIW, I gave the waiter 75 bucks and the cabin steward 45 (7 day cruise, me and 4 kids). I also gave another waiter from the buffet 50 bucks.

I got the sickening feeling, as I gave them their enveopes, that they would think I had nuked the minimum and was tipping them ONLY that much. I then tried to mumble out that that was not the case, this was EXTRA, but that was an awkward conversation to say the least. Does anyone know how to let them know it is extra, or is it just assumed?

Have fun on your cruise. Hotels in NYC are all expensive- maybe you should just go to Expedia and start pricing that way.

Shore excursions: Tabyana Beach Party in Roatan. People LOVE the Sante Wellness Center, and I know I missed it but now I can't remember if it is in Roatan or Cozumel. I really wanted to do the canopy tour in Roatan, but it was sold out. Cayman: stingray city (do it privately, not through NCL unless you wanted to pay double at least). Those semi submersible things are hot tickets but can't go out if there is any chop or swell in the water, and I have heard many stories of people missing that excursion.

Have fun on your trip. I am assuming these are your ports of call but I didn't know the Spirit was sailing from NYC! Maybe you mean the Dawn?