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You can imagine my dismay, when, upon, receiving my travel documents from RCI, I discovered that listed among the electrical appliances I am not allowed to bring on board was my TurboSteam Brewmaster 2000 Coffee Maker- which I normally take with me everywhere. I can (possibly) understand the ban on my Stainless Steel MultiChoice EuroBlend Latte and Expresso machine, but my coffee maker?

I was further concerned that SailorJill could not bring aboard our Centennial Megawatt Pressmaster Power Iron. How can I possibly look sharp at the formal dinner without freshly pressed shirts and pants? SailorJill took it in good stride, however, and managed to masterfully cover up what I am sure was her deep disappointment at this exclusion.

While not specifically listed, I am beginning to suspect that I might not even be allowed to board with my PowerNuker 6000 Combo Microwave/Convection Travel Oven. Perhaps I could send it ahead?

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