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Hey folks. 4 rolls of film developed and put to disk 8 to go Plus a full m,emory card from the digital. I cant belive allt he great memories and awsome sights.

I almost forgot to tell about the excitment that happened during the cruise. This story tells about the great service the cruise line has... (I will be writing a letter to NCL to the same effect)

Around day 4 or 5 we hit a patch of rough weather on our way from St. Thomas. Most folks were holding the railings and such even in the hallways. Anyways, we were just getting up from dinner when we took a wave broadside I would suspect (from the amount of portside heave) and a few minutes later we hear a murmur of folks moving twords the main lobby (I guess thats what you call it). Someone took a header down the stairs and broke there leg but also complained of neck pain. The crew jumped into emergency mode and within a minute or two had a neck collar and an air splint on the person. Everyone dispersed as per crew instructions and we made our way to deck 12 to the Beir Garten to enjoy the Martini Tasting. While we were there I noticed the ship slowing and begining a series of turns. Most folks didnt but I did as did a few other salty dogs Next thing we here over the PA was all folks to leave the Aft deck and please no flash photgraphy. Kinda started to wonder what was up... here comes the big orange bird landing on the helipad directly aft of our location. They airlifted the person that fell back to St. Thomas because of the possible neck injury!!!

I was amazed about this. Because the person just stated neck pain without obvious complications they still airlifted insead of turning around and heading back to port.

I dont know what happened to the person but I hope all is well. I was very happy to see the high quality of the crew during the handling of this situation.

Sorry about the late telling of this but it was a blur compared to all the other things that went on and we did. As per the crew I didnt take any pictures but what I sight to see.