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OK...without going into detail of why, we are flying into Ft Lauderdale on a Saturday. We are seeing some friend in Ft Lauderdale Sunday morning before our cruise which leaves out of Miami on Sunday. If we get a cab or private car to the pier, we have to figure out the logistics of getting the cab or private transfer and then getting to the pier.

Then on our return the next Sunday...we are seeing the same friends before going home. We started to think that renting a car would be far less hassle due to just renting it that Saturday and then driving it to the pier on Sunday, parking it, and then driving it back to Ft Lauderdale the next Sunday. Besides the costs of the rental and parking, what other costs are we missing in our decision???

How many tolls between Ft Lauderdale and Miami (the Port)? How much does each toll cost? We live in a toll free State and are a little out of touch with tolls etc.

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