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Myself I think for a ship that size or even
smaller . I'm sure they do their best at trying
to keep them clean. It's those dirty people and
there are dirty people out there that don't care
about you or I or a ship full of thousands of
people. I will give the ones credit, that don't
know they are sick .But to all other dirty people out there . SMARTEN UP . Even if you don't want to lose your cruise , (which is understandable) Wash , Wash , Wash ,and carry a
cloth for your mouth .And you know who you are.
RCCL go a long way to keep everyone happy and
safe. Maybe if everyone else would do their part
(and most do) they wouldn't have to go though all this. By the way I think that was more than
enough comp.,RCC gave. Maybe if RCC is willing
to give that much in comps. they should come up
with some kind of refund for people that can prove by a doctor that they are sick . so they
don't feel they have to go on their trip or lose
it. In the long run, RCCL might save money in
comps. for the sake of keeping that one sick
person off our ships. On that note . To all you
people out there who think " Oh you will never
get on another RCCL ship because of these out
breaks . I have news for you . If that other cruise line hasn't had it happen to them. It will and maybe at a bigger scale. And another thing , They are probably not half as clean as RCCL or as kind to pay you back for any misshalf. That's what I think .
Thank's DAVE you always take us that next step
further to look at or read about. good insite.
If you need further info on something just ask