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So here it is a little over a month from the first revenue voyages of the Oasis Of The Seas - and all the scheduled cruises have plenty of open cabins. I booked a guaranteed inside rate yesterday and once I submitted payment I was immediately put in an oceanview cabin which, if I had booked it specifically, would have cost me an extra $320. Although my 4-night cruise is the first "paying passenger" voyage, it is not the official inaugural cruise. That will start on the day I debark the Oasis. I know it is odd, but it happens. However, even that "official" inaugural has plenty of open cabins. Should RCI be concerned? I remember being on the inaugural Freedom Of The Seas cruise and it was sold out months before it happened. Is it simply the economy? Or just timing, given early December is normally a slow time for cruise lines? Or perhaps is it the cadillac pricing RCI has placed on the Oasis? The cruise line is counting on media hype over the next two to three weeks to push people into booking up the first cruises. We'll see. All I know is, I'll bet my mother's apple pie recipe there are some people in Miami exchanging worried looks right now.

(By the way - I know I advise people to book specific cabins, but since this trip is just me I don't have to consider family comfort. All I need is a bed and bathroom.)