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They have changed things a bit at the terminal in Nassau. It is now secured as far as walking through to get a taxi. They round everyone up going to the same area to fill the taxi, and then you are walked outside. They are more aggressive than they used to be. Just walking to our taxi with the group we were approached multiple times to do other things or to take another taxi. Our driver kept saying to them "they are with me"!

We lucked out and had a good taxi driver. Six people were going to Atlantis and us two going to the ferry terminal. He told us to wait while he got everyone in so we could sit up front so he could drop us off first at the ferry terminal. I was so thankful for this I paid the bridge fee for him as well as a tip. I've had some that have just dropped me at Atlantis and I had to walk to Cabbage Beach or the ferry terminal.

The cruise terminal was packed and chaotic as always. People yelling for tours and taxis. I feel bad for newbies going to Nassau as it must be confusing and intimidating. Heck, I've been there a plethora of times and it is at the least annoying to me.