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RichC, I have to agree: this is all smoke and mirrors. Dwayne, there are some very nice perks, but there is not really anything new here.

The special phone number to the "Circle Desk" probable goes to the same bank of operators at 800-PRINCESS; option 6 has always taken you right to the Circle Desk.

The vacation protection upgrade is just new terminology; the free upgrade used to be to "Gold"; now it's to "Platinum".

The free WiFi is just an extension of the previous internet credit to wireless--which it should have been all along.

The "Launch Savings" is just another name for the past-passenger discount that has always been available.

Don't get me wrong; there are some very nice perks, especially for Elite: free laundry, dry cleaning and shoe polishing; free mini-bar set up and deluxe canapes on formal nights; free wine tasting and 10% discount in the shops; priority tender embarkation and preferred boarding and debarkation.

But there are really no "additional benefits" as trumpeted in this "new" program.