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what are good shore excursions? Did you do any on your own not through the shiP?
Originally posted by jbrooks175:
Hi.. we did Valor last Feb. 05 and did eastern caribbean. there were no tenders. We also tried to look around Atlantis but didn;t see too much as a tourist. We did, however, walk to the local beach just down the road from Atlantis (i want to say it's called paradise beach?) It was gorgeous!!!! A man came up to us and made these cool drinks right in front of us (cut open the coconuts and pour in our drink of choice) so much fun!! Be prepared for lines though...we had to be back on boat at 2pm in Nassau and at 1 ish the line to get back on boat was the entire lenght of the ship!! I normally cruise on RCCL, this was my first experience on Carnival and have to say the lines were frequent throughout the ship (especially at the cafe for breakfast and lunch each day)
You'll have a blast though..It's a really nice ship