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Originally posted by Sandy:
I agree that the medical personnel were probably concerned that the child needed things they could not provide, and that the child's safety was the first priority. I don't know of any other case when someone who came down with norovirus while on a cruise, was kicked off the ship. Usually they're asked to confine themselves to their cabin until they're better.

Sandy, you're right, I've never heard of anyone being kicked off the ship either. It said in the article and the video that the the child had vomiting and diaheria. It also said it was serious enough for the Dr. to reccommend (order?) a hospital visit. That sounds more like a medical emergency than being "kicked off the ship". When the child was released from the hospital the ship had departed. Let an investigative reporter get hold of those nuggets of information and a mother concerned enough about her child to rush off the ship in her pajamas to the hospital becomes, "being forced off the ship" and all RCCLs (a company with deep pockets) fault. Next step is a trial lawyer and claim of gross negligence for the staff caring about the health of a child. I may be way off base and it may have happened exactly as the family said. Forgive me being skeptical of media stories but reading between the lines of the story, I just can't help thinking a child with such symptoms really should have been referred to a hospital. I don't reall ever having a common cold that resulted in a Dr. referring me to the hospital for possible dehydration. Had the Dr. aboard the ship not referred the family to a hospital and something serious developed onboard with an infant, there would have been a much larger bill for helecopter evac and emergency treatment. Not to mention the possible consequences to the rest of the passengers for what may have been a contageous illness brought onboard. Perhaps I'm just synical.

Cheers, Neil