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Peter l, we just stayed at the Sheraton Yankee Clipper. It's not far from the port. Very clean and large rooms, but we couldn't find a good restaurant in the hotel. There are plenty near by, however. The Renaissance has been purchased by someone else, Pier 66 is always nice, Embassy Suites is very close to the port as well. If you stay at one on 17th Street Causeway, there's a cute/decent food restaurant/bar on Cordova called the Southport Bar/Grill. They have fresh seafood at reasonable prices. Pier 66 bar and grill is on the intracoastal and has fantastic food. They're pretty pricey, but 1 entree can be split by 2 and you'll be full.

My favorite restaurant is the Sea Watch, but that's in north Lauderdale, and you'd have to take a cab. The water taxi runs up and down the intracoastal, it's furthest stop has 2 great restaurants, Shooters and Charlie's Crabs. There's also a Greek restaurant there, but I haven't tried it.

February is still the height of their season, but with the economy the way it is, they may have come off of their prices a bit there. The Sleep Inn may be a good alternative, too. Dania is on the south end of Lauderdale, not far to the port. I used to go fishing off the end of the pier at night there.
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