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Originally posted by Dave56:
Originally posted by IslandCruz:
I don't think $3.25 for a can of domestic beer is reasonable, when they pay 60 cents for it.
That's what a typical bar or restaurant pays wholesale and what they charge customers - so what's the difference between a ship and a land based bar? As Cruise Fanatic said - would it be proper to bring your own beer to a bar for the evening?

Dave, please consider another point of view that a cruise ship is not a bar but a floating resort. When I check in to Marriott, I might bring a few beers for my room, or take one down to the pool. I would never take one to their bar or restaurant. Also when I am at a bar or restaurant I am usually there a few hours, a 7 day cruise is 168 hours. And I agree the prices are not outrageous at the bar, but if you enjoy your beer on vacation it can add up if everytime you had one you paid bar prices and gratuity for them handing it to you. I visit the bars too and buy drinks and enjoy meeting the bartenders and fellow passengers. I re-calculated the cost it is actually 3.38 if you buy a bucket of 4 beers for 13.50 is discounted 1.50 from if you bought them individually. For me it saves a little and I have them in my cabin on ice. And MrOctober, I support the cruise lines plenty with additionally tipping my bartenders at end of cruise above the 15% that was included, and my donations to the casino. I do know what you mean about saving up as Wifey likes her drinks on the cruise too. Again, I have nothing against bringing a little extra for your cabin and saving a little...keyword is a little not a suitcase full of booze. Just a different point of view and hope you both percieve it as that and a discussion, not an arguement as I enjoy both your knowledgeable posts.
Best to you, Islandcruz