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I have not bought one of the books, but I have a friend who did and said that she, basically, wasted the money for it. She said the same thing that the others have said. . . .Most of the coupons were for things she wouldn't or couldn't use.

I have a thought on this. . . I can't see a benefit in "PAYING" for coupons on which you'll get money off. Are you that much ahead if you pay for the book and then get something off? I guess you would be if you could use a good number of the coupons for big ticket items and get a good discount on them. I know that my friend said there was something in her book about getting diamond jewelry or something at a discount. If you used it for that, maybe it would be worth the money spent for the book.

I don't remember how much the books were on Carnival or on Royal Caribbean, but consider that if you pay $20 for the book, you have to receive $20 back in discounts before you start saving money. . . .

Just my two cents. . . .

Ok. . .Now how long do I have until I get to leave?

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