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This discussion is an experiment by me to generate is a list of common topics/posts and the answers. If you have a general question, you can look here for the answer. If you do not find it here, (or even if you do and still need more information) go ahead and ask it anyway. Once we have a question and the answers, I will edit them into a Q/A format and leave the edited post in this thread or include it in my “starter” FAQ.

If you have a “contribution” you would like added to this, please send it to me in a private message and I will add it to the document. Or reply to the thread and make your post in a Question/Answer format and we can just build up a discussion list of FAQs. But note, that replies in this thread may be edited or combined (I will include acknowledgement to the original authors) as needed to keep the thread in a FAQ format and not a discussion of each answer.

Also, where details are required, but not known (like the prices of some things) ??? will be inserted. Feel free to provide up to date information . Also where there are cruise ship specifics, they will be called out in the answer with cruise line abbreviations- CCL – Carnival Cruise Lines, RCCL – Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, NCL Norwegian Cruise Lines etc…

Your General Cruise Topic moderator- JimC