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It's an interesting phenomenon - the 1900 passenger HAL ship is smaller than most of the mainline ships these days, but, as it's larger than most of the HAL ships, we tend to look at it as a "large ship" I know I did when I first looked at sailing on the Zuiderdam. The HAL level of customer service does not suffer for the size. Another interesting side note - our last cruise was on the Noordam after she returned from Europe. Before she left Venice, she switched out 700 crew members. Crossing the Atlantic, there was a viral outbreak. Upon docking in Ft Lauderdale, the CDC boarded and instituted a major disinfecting of the ship. At the same time, Immigration services held 350 crew members for not having proper immigration papers. So we boarded later with a reduced crew. And we really didn't notice the reduced crew much - tended to notice a bit in the dining room because the wait staff had to cover more tables, but it wasn't bad.
Anyway you look at it - your on a HAL ship sailing the Alask Inside Passage. It will be wonderful - with the added pleasure of getting to see your son. What a great vacation.