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After an exhaustive search lasting for almost 54 minutes, I have chosen the cruise!

CRUISELOVER94........congratulations! You are going on the June 14, 2008, sailing of the Golden Princess! This exciting cruise leaves from and returns to Seattle (one of you criteria). You'll spend one day at sea as you head towards your first port - fascinating Juneau! Yes, your stop in Juneau will be from Noon till 10PM. A nice long stop! The following morning will find you in Skagway at 6am. The stop at this historic port lasts until 8PM. Wednesday finds you cruising Tracy Arm from 8AM to 1PM. Thursday means one thing....yes, it's Ketchikan! A 6AM port call finds you wandering the streets of this memorable stop. Have lunch. Have dinner. The ship doesn't leave until 8PM. Victoria is the last stop on this epic adventure - frankly this is only done to comply with the Passenger Services Act (oh no) and this stop only lasts from 7PM until midnight. But it is enough time to set foot in Canada and say "I've been there!"

And then debarkation morning arrives...Saturday, June 21st, at 7AM in Seattle.

You will book a balcony cabin (always go with a balcony in Alaska) and you will be using the Personal Choice dining option. You also need to book cabin C502 on the Caribe Deck.

(and yes, this is all meant in fun!)