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One of my favorite things about cruising is having my coffee and bagels delivered every morning at my appointed time.

There are door hangers in your cabin that you can fill out and hang on your door the night before. You can order a selection of continental breakfast items. The bagels are always warm when they arrive.

Just be sure to order everything you need. If you want cream cheese for your will have to mark it.

Since these are the folks that wake me up every morning, I leave out my $2 tip on the dresser so I can get to it quickly and easily in my sleepy haze.

The only other thing that costs extra is the "coffee, dessert and ice cream" bar on the Promenade. If you like the cappicinos and expressos, those are free in the formal dining room at lunch and dinner. If you get them on the promenade, they are not free.

Also the sushi is free. There is always a line every it must be pretty good. I can't tell you from first hand experience, cause I don't do "bait". LOL

Happy Cruising!!