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You def don't want small children in a balcony suite. My dad and stepmom took 6 teenage grandchildren on a cruise. They book one room in his room with the senior citizen discount and one in her name with a senior discount. They were two interior rooms next to each other but of course you know where they slept...
We booked a balcony room with a pass threw door to my cousins room. That's nice. It was only a little bit more because we booked in advance. Also- you have time to look online if you have a Crown and Anchor # with RCCL for when they have a discount for a new booking. Sometimes they are like $200 off a room. You may have to book sep. so you both get more discounts. Travel Agents are good to have someone looking out for you. I think RCCL agents don't do as good ajob looking out for far as any discounts or dropping in price etc.
Alaska is beautiful! Enjoy