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To bad you didn't come here before your cruise instead of afterwards to complain about it. Then we could have educated you on what to expect with RCI.

On every RCI cruise I've been on the Windjammer had plenty of food choices and not just burgers and hot dogs. I've also received excellent drinks that I would not classify as watered down. Did RCI promise you the Windjammer would be open 24 hours? The same open hours are used on all RCI ships and not just the Indy. Did you go to the Promenade Cafe? It is open 24 hours for snacks. And Sorrento's Pizza has extended hours.

All of the items you mention that cost extra are the same on mainstream cruises these days, no matter the cruise line. Photos at $20, art auctions, bingo, etc.

RCI has a strict alcohol policy which is on their website, and again if you had asked here first we could have told you about it.

I happen to like RCI, and the Freedom class ships of which Indy is one. Sorry you didn't like it, but it appears you didn't have your expectations properly set.