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Originally posted by JuniorCruiser:
There is no cruise reviews avaiable from the Musica yet, so if anybody has travelled with MSC Musica, you are very welcome to write a cruise-review from your trip!

I really want to know how the ship is like =)

Hi JuniorCruiser,

just back from MSC MUSICA I can only say wow.

It's nothting for someone who needs
1st class food
Las Vegas/Broadway/Westend Entertainment

But if you like
a great crew (very nice staff)
very nice staterooms
a nice ship
Riverdance/Cirque Soleil/The Three Tenors/Moulin Rouge-Entertainment
Italian antipasta and great desserts
very international surrounding

you will like this ship.

Currently there problems with the appearance and presentation of warm meals in the main restaurants. But Douglas Ward was on board - I am sure he can move something with MSC.

In the alternative dining venues you get great meals. Everything fits: quality, quantity, appearance and presentation.

I really loved the ship and the crew.

If I get a good offer for MSC MUSICA again - would I book again: maybe yes.

If I get a good offer for MSC ORCHESTRA again - would I book again: yes - because most of the crew will be transferred from MSC MUSICA for the inaugural season of the the new flagship MSC ORCHESTRA - and the crew is great. Just to sse them all again - I would love to.

Do you speak German:

Visit the German part - you will find a lot of pics here.