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Oh Rose,

Iīm so envious of you and this wonderful cruise.
Itīs one of our dreamcruises close to Alasca.

Someone on the german board just came back from a long cruise. Also have been in the Southsea for a while and when I read such names as Bora-Bora or Moorea, I start dreaming. But for us itīs such a long flight and most of the people have a pre-cruise-stay and thatīs so expensive. Good hotels cost sometimes more than the cruise. So we have to wait, maybe winning in a lottery (but never playing)or are making a good business deal.

And now you belong also to the cruise-addicted people and isnīt it wonderful?

Weīre now thinkinī about a new cruise starting in Dubai, the shopping center in the world. They are offering 1 week cruises from Costa (Carnival daughter) for a real good price. Flight is not too long, about 6 hours. But we will combine it with a few days in Dubai but they donīt offer hotels at the moment. Itīs too early for the winterseason 2006/2007.

But now Hawaii is getting closer every day. When I close my eyes I can feel the smooth wind, see wonderful sunrises, rainbows, waterfalls and warm weather.

Here its cold and its snowing sinds saturday.
So have to think about the next cruise.

Greetings to Vancouver